SIAM Conference on Optimization in Vancouver

I attended the SIAM Conference on Optimization in Vancouver, Canada. This was a memorable conference for several reasons. First, this conference only happens once every three years. Its the flagship conference for optimization research, and it was also my first time attending a SIAM conference! Finally, as a Canadian, it is always nice to visit my home country. I also have family living in Vancouver so that was a bonus!

At the conference, I presented my work on using robust control for algorithm analysis and optimization. This talk was part of an invited session titled “Robustness and dynamics in optimization”, organized by Ben Recht and Pablo Parrilo. It was a reprise of our successful session at ICCOPT 2016. If you’re interested in seeing my slides, please refer to my ICCOPT slides as the talks were quite similar.

Above, I included a picture of a Nanaimo Bar from the cafe across the street from the conference venue. This is a uniquely Canadian (and delicious) dessert that is very hard to find in the US. It owes its origin to the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, which is on Vancouver Island (a short ferry ride away from the city of Vancouver).